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History of Borker Transmisison

Borker Transmission Service Inc.

“Proudly serving the city of Bayonne and surrounding areas since 1946”

It doesn’t happen very often today that a small business survives for over 70 years!  It also has a lot to say about a business that can uphold all the many changes in this ever-evolving world.  “Borker Transmission Service Inc.” in Bayonne, New Jersey has continued to strive and adapt to ensure top quality service is delivered to each client since 1946.

1941 – Pearl Harbor was attacked and the US was in war.  Alvin Borker the founder had two children by then, therefore going to war was not an option.  Uncle Sam invited him to join the war effort at the Navy base in Bayonne.  There he tried to win the war single handed and was told by the bosses to slow down you are making us look bad, but because of him and millions more, both in and out of uniform “WE DID WIN THAT WAR”

1946 – Alvin was an accomplished auto and truck mechanic looking to strike out on his own.  Isadore Laden was thinking along the same lines but his focus was down in Florida and he left behind a small auto and truck business.  This business looked just right for Alvin and there “Al Borkers Service” was born.  The address 758 Avenue A, Bayonne NJ was and still is the home of the business, now known as BORKER TRANSMISSION SERVICE INC.


1950 – Alvin became the “go to guy” for other mechanics who did not want to tackle the big complicated jobs, including engines, transmissions and differentials.  Around 1950 automatic transmissions gained favor with more and more drivers and Alvin saw the opportunity to become the local transmission expert.  He could specialize in this field which led to the business being incorporated in 1972 to be known as “BORKER TRANSMISSION SERVICE INC.”

1962 – Another addition to the corporation, Alvin’s son Stu came on board after attending college and military service.  New energy was introduced and the business found itself growing, however, managed to keep the same location.  The City of Bayonne for many years, as well as the local ambulance service, school bus companies and many other commercial accounts entrusted their vehicles to Borker’s for all their transmission repairs.  Stu continued to build the business and its reputation. 

1982 – To continue to build the business and keep its reputation it was necessary to hire the best talent available.  Amongst the many employees hired, one young man stood out from all the others.  Vito Castellaccio was serious, loved to learn and became an excellent technician with much thirst for knowledge.  Alvin Borker, the founder could retire early as Stu and Vito (along with other talented staff) continue to work hard.  Stu became a board member of the industries national trade association called ATRA (Automatic Transmission Repair Association).  He also served as the Tri State Chapter President of ATRA with Vito at his side.  Time marched on and Stu had a plan which included Vito Castellaccio.

1989 – A partnership was formed and officially Vito became Vice President of the corporation. 

1993 – The rest is history as Vito Castellaccio took over as President and owner of Borker Transmission Service Inc.  He has brought along new energy with his abundance of knowledge with computers and technical skills to the driving public.  Vito is honored to have Stu still at his side assisting when he is not fishing or visiting with his grandchildren



2017 – Borker Transmission Service continues its reputation as the “go to shop” that can tackle ALL the big complicated jobs, including engines, transmissions and differentials.  They are known for taking on the challenge to properly diagnose vehicles and delivering top quality service for over 70 years.

Over the years the automotive industry has changed and Borker Transmission Service, Inc. has continued to gain knowledge from both the past and present which makes them a leader in the transmission industry.  The industry is ever evolving and automobiles have become more complex to diagnose and repair.  Borker Transmission Service Inc. specializing in transmission repair.  Next time you come across a vehicle that requires transmission service make sure you get expert advice from the company that has been around for over 70 years.   “Borker Transmission Service Inc.” specializing in transmission repairs since 1946.


Please feel free to contact Vito Castellaccio to answer any of your transmission concerns.

Borker Transmission Service Inc.

755 Avenue A

Bayonne, NJ 07002

(201) 437-3099



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History of Borker Transmission

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